Positive Energy energy drink
Positive Energy drink can

Say hello to the brand new energy drink for positive thinkers who work hard, play hard and get things done.

Positive Energy looks great and it tastes great. It gives you the boost you need to keep you on track, focused and thinking positive. And it's delicious, too, with a smooth, low-carbonated, green citrus flavour which refreshes as it energises.

It's perfect when you need to recharge your batteries at any time of the night or day - at home, out shopping, at work, on the commute or while studying.

It comes to life after dark, too, with innovative UV decoration which really glows for it in clubs and bars.

Positive Energy thinks different. It's not about living on the edge. It's not about jumping from space. It's about positive thinking and positive action that puts a smile on your face.

We're passing on the positivity by investing in local projects that make a difference to your community.

Our Austrian recipe stimulates, energises and refreshes with its powerful blend of mountain water, caffeine, B vitamins and taurine. Find out more.

Positive Energy is available in more than 300 outlets in South Africa and in Cape Verde, Singapore and Nigeria.

We are distributing Positive Energy across the world, building the brand wherever we go with engaging local marketing and community work.

Contact us to hear more about what makes Positive Energy the ideal energy drink for your market.

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